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Labour attacks Kwarteng’s ‘disgraceful’ claim his mini-budget not to blame for UK financial chaos – politics live

Latest updates: chancellor Jeremy Hunt also dismisses predecessor’s attempt to wash his hands of role in financial turmoil

Michael Gove, the levelling up secretary, is holding a press conference in Blackpool with Micheál Martin, the taoiseach (Irish PM), following the conclusion of the British-Irish Council summit.

Asked if the UK government would pause the progression of the Northern Ireland protocol bill, which is currently in the House of Lords (see 12.39pm), Gove said that was not a decision for him. This is from UTV’s Tracey Magee.

It is really disgraceful that Kwasi Kwarteng has the cheek to do this interview. He crashed the economy with his mini-budget just a few weeks ago. It’s caused untold damage to people. Anyone coming off a mortgage deal will be blaming the Conservatives, including Kwasi Kwarteng, for those huge increases, up to £500 a month more in interest payments because of the decisions by Conservative chancellors over the last few months, including Kwasi Kwarteng.

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